Bad Effects of Coffee

Morning coffe
Morning coffe

Many people throughout the so-called developed world rely upon their morning coffee to get going for the day.

They crave this liquid brewed from beans to give them morning and afternoon pick-ups and often follow meals with a cup of coffee. But the very coffee they use to give them a pick-up may be killing them.

Bodies need to maintain a constant alkaline blood pH of about 7.4 on the pH scale. Ideally this applies to body fluids as well.

When we consume food or liquids with an acid pH the pancreas works overtime to draw magnesium, calcium and potassium from our food and then bones and organs to counteract the acid to maintain the balanced pH. If it can't do so readily, the body creates fat so that it can store acids for waste disposal at a later time.

Depleting our bodies of these essential nutrients that many do not consume in adequate portions due to poor diet, we cause our bodies to begin pulling stored minerals from tissue and bone to maintain itself.

The body works to maintain vital organs and we begin to experience ailments and disease as the body sacrifices itself to try and protect itself. This is the cause of cancer, diabetes, pain, respiratory, urinary, prostate, intestinal and so many other illnesses. We add to the problem by looking to drugs for relief when they simply add to the cause of the illness.

Coffee doesn't has any nutritional benefit and instead contains over 200 acids. The perk people feel from coffee is actually the energy produced by the body trying to neutralize these acids. This is not a good thing.

coffe with friends
coffe with friends

The pancreas expends excessive energy trying to counter the effects and to keep the body at the required pH balance. We think this feeling of our body working overtime makes us more aware and vitalized, but it is slowly killing us.

People often cite caffeine as the reason to drink coffee. Caffeine may have some benefit to the body, but is more commonly used as a non-nutritive stimulant to give the feeling of energy. Remember that caffeine greatly reduces the body's ability to absorb potassium, a very important nutrient to the body. Caffeine definitely works as a stimulant and is included in all manner of diet supplements.

Those who have used caffeine as a part of a weight loss program can attest it does not produce lasting results. Combined with other pharmaceutical products in a weight loss stack, it is never recommended that the combination be continued long term, as in the case of Phen-Fen, Ephedra and other products. Again, this is all simply adding to the deficits in our bodies.

Coffee is slowly killing you. Simply changing what you drink can give your body a chance to reverse the negative effects of years of coffee drinking. The negative effects may take years to manifest to noticeable levels, but they can be reversed in a relatively short period. Whether you drink caffeinated or decaf coffee, consider the ultimate effects on you.